Become A Loyal Customer
and Enjoy The Benefits!

Simply subscribe to a 30-or-60 day Auto-Renew and start enjoying the benefits of becoming a Loyal Customer, like 10% off every order, free shipping and product credit on orders $100+, early access to new products, and much more!

The Benefits

Preferred Pricing & Product Credits

Get 10% off every order. Plus, every time you spend $100 in Auto-Renew orders, get $5 in product credit towards future purchases.

Early Access to
New Products
Enjoy early access to new products before they launch to the public
Invitations to
Special Events
Get special invites to online and in person events
Free Shipping for orders $100+

Enjoy free shipping when you order $100 or more

Cancel or change
anytime online
Cancel or change the frequency of your shipment as it suits your needs, all online. Mix and match your products.

How It Works

Choose the schedule that works for you. Change, pause or cancel anytime.

1. Choose

Pick your favorite Hugh & Grace products through Auto-Renew

2. Schedule

Choose your frequency of shipments of 30 or 60 days. Cancel or change anytime online.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy the convenience of your products arriving on your schedule along with the savings and benefits of membership.

Top-Selling Auto-Renew Sets

Choose between 30 or 60 days and save 10% plus free shipping.
Body Set
Auto-Renew: $76.50
Retail Price: $85.00
Face Set
Auto-Renew: $162.00
Retail Price: $180.00


Q: How do I sign up for Auto-Renew?

A: Simply add an item to your cart, check the box that says ‘Auto-Renew’ and complete the checkout process.

Q: How do I make edits to my Auto-Renew order?

A: Log in to your account and select ‘My Account.’ Scroll to the ‘My Auto-Renew’ section. From here you can select ‘View/Edit Auto-Renew Profile.’ You can edit your shipping information, schedule information (next ship date), payment information, and product selection.

Q: How do I cancel my Auto-Renew?

You can update your future Auto-Renew orders by logging into your Customer Account on and clicking on “Hello, *your name*” -> My Account in the top left corner. Then click on View / Edit Auto-Renew Profile. To edit your subscription, click on Edit in the top right corner of the Schedule Information box. To cancel, scroll to the bottom and click on Cancel Auto-Renew.
How long can I push my auto-renew out for?
A: Auto-Renew orders can be pushed out for up to 120 days. If you wish to push your next order out beyond 120 days, you will need to cancel your Auto-Renew profile and re-enroll when you are ready!
Q: Where do I find my product credits?
A: Log in to your customer account. Select ‘Hello, *your name*’ > ‘My Account.’ Scroll to the bottom where you will see ‘My Credits.’ This is where you can find any credits you currently have available.
Q: Can I have more than one Auto-Renew?
A: Yes! You can have more than one Auto-Renew. Want your Body Oil every 60 days but your cleansing bar every 30 days? Great! You can have 2 separate Auto-Renew profiles – one that processes every 60 days and one that processes every 30 days!
Q: What period types can I select?
A: You can select 30- or 60-day period types.
Q: What can I use my product credit on?
A: Product credit is available to use on all orders over $50.
Q: Do I receive free shipping?

A: Loyal Customers receive free shipping over $100 on all orders that they place. This means if you place a one-time purchase, while you are a Loyal Customer, you will receive free shipping over $100.

Q: How do I know when my Auto-Renew will process next?
A: Log in to your customer account. Select “Hello, *your name*” -> My Account in the top left corner. Then click on View / Edit Auto-Renew Profile. To view your next ship date, look in the ‘Schedule Information’ box.